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TPX™ (Polymethyl Pentene)


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TPX™ is a polyolefin resin that is synthesized through Mitsui Chemical's unique resin polymerization technology. It is copolymerized with propylene and comonomers and has the chemical formula Polymethylpentene (PMP).

Mitsui Chemical is the only manufacturer and distributor of TPX™ in the world.


1.Heat Resistance: Vicat softening point (VST) is approximately 145-170 ℃, allowing it to be used in high-temperature environments.
2.Release Properties: Surface tension is 24mN/m, second only to PTFE, making it easy to release, non-stick, and resistant to staining.
3.Transparency: Haze <5%, providing transparency similar to glass and acrylic.
4.Low Dielectric Constant: ε = 2.1, suitable for high-frequency applications and electrical insulation.
5.Lightweight: Density is 833kg/m3, enabling lightweight product designs. 6.Chemical Resistance: Resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, and more.
7.Food Safety: TPXTM is an olefinic resin that does not contain harmful substances like plasticizer BPA. It complies with certifications such as the US FDA, Japanese Poly Association, and Chinese national standards.
8.Low Water Absorption and Steam Resistance: Water absorption rate <0.01%, excellent steam resistance for repeated use without the need for pre-drying, preventing shape deformation due to water absorption.
9.Gas Permeability: TPXTM's loose molecular structure with numerous side chains results in good gas permeability.

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