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Eastman™ EEH Solvent ( Ethylene Glycol 2-Ethylhexyl Ether )

EEH solvent

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EEH is an excellent co-solvent with a VOC level of 2.0 lb/gal in waterborne primers. With low water solubility and low evaporation rate, it is very suitable as a low VOC water-based primer co-solvent.


1. Can be used as a good co-solvent for water-based primers
2. Low surface tension
3. Not HAP solvent

Evaporation Rate0.003(n-BuOAc=1)
Density0.967 g/cm3
Vapor Pressure0.02 torr
Surface Tension27.6 dynes/cm

Suggested General Formulation

For automotive waterborne primers with 2.0 lb/gal VOC

EEH solvent
EEH solvent

EEH can be used as a film-forming aid for automotive water-based primers

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