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As one of the world’s leading brands of coating additives we are committed to continuous development and improvement of coatings systems across the entire spectrum of chemistries, applications, and end markets. The products and services we offer make the world safer and more colorful, and enhance quality of life every day.

Since we started out as a chemical business in 1807, we have grown organically and through acquisitions to become a global provider of performance additives for the coatings, inks, and adhesives markets. Our portfolio of Dispersants, Rheology Modifiers, Flow & Leveling Agents, and Defoamers is unique. Technology-driven and future-focused, it helps formulators meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations as well as specific customer and market needs.

Highlights of our portfolio include:

  • Environmentally friendly high-performance catalysts that improve labeling, reduce VOCs, while enhancing performance with benefits such as faster dry times, non-yellowing, non-wrinkling, better corrosion resistance, and more.
  • Barrier coatings that prevent food degradation and spoiling of food in flexible or rigid packaging.
  • Catalysts used in insulation that improve comfort and energy efficiency of buildings.
  • Promoters for radial tires that contribute to greater adhesion and safety.