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Since the establishment of Hyosung’s spandex business in 1992, creora®, which is committed to excellence in quality, service, and value, is consistently developing innovative new products with diverse functions to meet the needs of customers to open new horizons in the textile industry. creora® provides excellence in terms of uniformity and productivity to the customers and also, has distinguished its brand through executing differentiated global marketing activities.

The aim of creora®, which is to deliver ‘the world best quality, best services and value’, is reflected in all aspects of its corporate culture, as well as phases of the product cycle such as R&D, production, sales, marketing, and technical service. creora® acts as a successful business partner for its customers by offering economic value based on its excellent quality and supporting the development of innovative fabrics. Making maximization of customer satisfaction its priority, creora® is with you everywhere and at all times for optimum activities and a comfortable life.