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Weistar Chemical has absorbed advanced technology and management concepts from multinational chemical companies.

The company has introduced internationally advanced resin testing instruments and production equipment, and is a first-class testing and experimental center in mainland China. In addition, with more than 20 years of production experience, it has digested and absorbed the advanced production technology and management concepts of Eastman Chemical in the United States, established a provincial-level engineering technology research and development center, and is the only manufacturer in mainland China that produces food-grade polymerized rosin using the sulfuric acid method, designated by Eastman Company as a manufacturer.

Waterborne Thickeners

Westar Resin Emulsion is a water-dispersible resin of rosin and polyol ester that contains no organic solvents. It is produced by esterification and emulsification processes using gum rosin and tall oil rosin as the basic raw materials.

Polymerized Rosin

Westar-Shengda Polymerized Rosin is a modified product of rosin processed by the new sulfuric acid method, which contains dimeric abietic acid-type resin. It has a high softening point, does not crystallize, and has excellent antioxidation properties.

Industrial Resins

Ink resins, adhesive resins, and other resins.

Food Grade Adhesive Resins

Westar Food Grade Rosin Resin is produced by refining premium rosin, polymerized rosin, hydrogenated rosin, and vegetable glycerol.