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The Responsive Web of EASCHEM Co., Ltd. is now available

Easchem Co., Ltd

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Established in January 1992, we have been engaged in the business of chemical and plastic raw material agency sales for 27 years. We mainly sell different application and processing raw materials products in the chemical and plastic industries, such as various additives, solvents, plasticizers, color powders in the paint industry, and various application products in the plastic industry, providing high-quality products that customers can trust.

With the efficient management and solid operation concept of the management team, the chemical and plastic business has steadily grown. In 1993, we established a branch office in Tainan. With the market demand and scale growth, the Taichung branch was established in 2009, providing customers with more timely and efficient local services. Due to the appropriate product distribution strategy, the customer market development performance is evident.

EASCHEM Co. Ltd. has rebuilt corporate website on Sep, 2022. We look forward to providing more services to customers.

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