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Cromophtal® is a versatile pigment product used in high-end applications such as printing inks, plastics, fibers and coatings. Cromophtal® can be widely used in solvent-based, water-based or UV printing inks, including digital printing, packaging printing, screen printing, etc. Yellow or magenta Cromophtal® pigments can also be used in offset printing inks. Another important application of Cromophtal® pigments is that it can be used in plastic colorants. The products can be widely used in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyolefin, styrene (PS) and other polymers. Cromophtal® provides high temperature resistance and light fastness. Due to its excellent weather resistance, Cromophtal® pigments can be widely used in various coating applications, such as industrial and powder coatings, etc.

Product Name Original Names International Color No. Product Description
Cromophtal® Blue A3R PB 60
Cromophtal® Blue BCN PB 15:1
Cromophtal® Brown K 3001 Cromophtal® Brown 5R PBr 23
Cromophtal® Orange D 2961 Cromophtal® Orange GL PO 64
Cromophtal® Orange K 2960 Cromophtal® Orange GP PO 64
Cromophtal® Red D 3635 Cromophtal® Red BT PR 144
Cromophtal® Red K 3890 Cromophtal® Red BRN PR 144
Cromophtal® Red K 3900 Cromophtal® Red BN PR 214
Cromophtal® Red K 3900 FP Cromophtal® Red BNFP
Cromophtal® Red K 4035 Cromophtal® Red 2B PR 221
Cromophtal® Scarlet D 3430 Cromophtal® Scarlet RT PR 166 Suitable for water-based and oil-based systems, exhibiting excellent chemical resistance, acid-alkali resistance, and light resistance.
Cromophtal® Scarlet D 3540 Cromophtal® Scarlet RN PR 166 Yellowish-red hue. Demonstrates good light resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance up to 200 degrees Celsius, with moderate weather durability. Applicable to general industrial, architectural, and other coating applications.
Cromophtal® Violet D 5700 Cromophtal® Violet B PV 37 The product is halogen-free and can be used for both water and oil systems. It disperses well and has moderate weather resistance, as well as other strong resistances.
Cromophtal® Violet D 5800 Cromophtal® Violet GT PV 23 Characterized by high transparency, glossiness, and color brilliance. It possesses excellent durability and is suitable for various coating industries.
Cromophtal® Violet D 5808 Cromophtal® Violet GL PV 23 Exceptional glossiness and transparency.
Cromophtal® Yellow D 0980 J Cromophtal® Jet Yellow 8GT PY 128
Cromophtal® Yellow D 1085 Cromophtal® Yellow LA2 PY 150
Cromophtal® Yellow K 0990 Cromophtal® Yellow 8GN PY 128
Cromophtal® Yellow K 0990 FP Cromophtal® Yellow 8GNP PY 128
Cromophtal® Yellow K 1310 Cromophtal® Yellow 4GV PY 215 Greenish hue leaning towards yellow.
Cromophtal® Yellow K 1410 Cromophtal® Yellow 2GO PY 180
Cromophtal® Yellow K 1500 Cromophtal® Yellow GR PY 95
Cromophtal® Yellow K 1500 FP Cromophtal® Yellow GRP PY 95
Cromophtal® Yellow L 0990 Cromophtal® Yellow 8GN PY 128 Transparent green with a hint of yellow. Outstanding light and acid-alkali resistance, with moderate weather resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.
Cromophtal® Yellow L 1061 HD Irgazin® Yellow 2088 PY 151 Halogen-free, offers high coverage, easy dispersion, greenish-yellow hue, excellent coloring ability, suitable exclusively for oil-based systems, and moderate durability.

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