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Eastman™ EEP Solvent


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    EEP is a transparent and slow-volatile ether ester solvent. This product has excellent properties such as high boiling point, good electrical resistivity, low surface tension, suitable for various coatings . EEP is very effective in dissolving resins used in the surface layer of paints, inks, varnishes, etc. In addition, the low viscosity of the polymer solution makes it an excellent solvent for paint films and gives the paint good fluidity and flatness.Eastman™ EEP Solvent


    Molecular Weight Boiling point Evaporation speed (a) Flash point Surface Tension Resistivity
    146.2 g/mole 165-172°C 0.12 58°C 27 dynes/cm 1000Ω>

    a. (n-butyl acetate/butyl acetate = 1)


    EEP is mainly used for automotive paint, repair paint, marine paint, household appliance paint. EEP is also used as a color fixative, a screen printing ink, a slow-drying solvent for high-grade inks, and as a contrast agent.


    Eastman™ EEP Solvent


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