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NTA-Metal chelating agent


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    NTA is the trisodium salt of nitrilotriacetic acid, and it has been used as a chelating (binding) agent for over 50 years. Nitrilotriacetic acid finds application in various market sectors worldwide, with its primary use in the detergent industry. NTA effectively controls multiple metal ions in wash water, allowing cleaning agents to work more efficiently. NTA can also be applied in the following areas:

    Laundry detergents.
    Dishwasher detergents.
    Boiler water treatment for scale control.
    Bottle washing formulations for removing trace amounts of contaminating metal salts Carpet cleaning products.
    Surface cleaning agents.
    Metal cleaning and treatment.
    ※ Petroleum production and refining processes.
    ※ Thermochemical pulp processing.
    ※ Natural gas removal of hydrogen sulfide (gas scrubbing).
    ※ Polymer processing.
    ※ Textile refining, bleaching, and dyeing processes.
    ※ Vehicle cleaning products.
    ※ Natural gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing formulations (corrosion control)



    Product NTA-Nitrilotriacetate acid
    Name sodium nitrilotriacetate monohydrate
    Common name NaNTA,Na3NTA
    CAS#: 18662-53-8(Waterless)
    5064-31-3 (Watery)
    Molecular formula N (CH2COONA+)3 .H2O




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