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Sudaperm™ Yellow 2940C(PV 23)


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SudapermTM 2940C is a red-mouthed dioxazine pigment with excellent light and weather fastness for all types of coatings. Water-based color masterbatch with low grinding viscosity, showing good performance.

Chemical Form - Dioxazine International Color Number - PV23



Application-O Recommended, S May use, X Not recommended
Decorative solvent-based coatings O Decorative staining agent O
Industrial Coatings O Decorative water-based paint O
Automobile OEM S Powder coating O
Car refinish paints O


Technical Information

Thermal stability °C 180
Lightfastness 8
Weather Resistance 5
Acid resistance 5
Alkali resistance 5


Density g/cm3 1.5±0.1
Surface area m2/g


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