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    ADDAPT Chemicals Started in 2003, by Managing Director Dr. Willem van Gerresheim, ADDAPT Chemicals was just a small chemical company operating from its head office in Helmond (The Netherlands). Nowadays the company, still located in the same Dutch town, can be seen as a well-respected and reliable ‘GLOCAL’ supplier of additives due to its worldwide experience within the additive market. The products are being sold in more than 70 countries via a worldwide network of more than 30 distributors.

    Product Type Physical Characteristics
    CODIS 95 Neutralisation Agents Generally used in emulsion polymerization to provide mechanical stability of dispersed products, as well as to help pigment dispersion, grinding stability and pH regulator in paint manufacturing
    DISP 600 Dispersing Agents It is an excellent solvent-free dispersant for high/medium solid PVC systems, as well as TiO2, mineral pigments and fillers.
    Biowet 45 Wetting dispersing additives Wetting agent for glass surfaces, waterborne epoxy and polyurethane systems.
    Biowet 75 Wetting dispersing additives Non-foaming wetting agent. Can be used in aqueous systems to provide wetting and leveling properties.
    Biowet 450C Wetting dispersing additives VOC-FREE can prolong the service time of emulsion paints and paints, and improve the leveling and gloss of water-based paints. Can be used in silicate and lime based systems.
    Foamstop VF 10N Defoamers VOC-free ester/alcohol based defoamer.
    Foamstop VF 35N Defoamers VOC free, 100% active ingredients, vegetable oil based defoamer. Suitable for latex paints/varnishes.
    Foamstop 600N Defoamers Water-soluble, PAG-based defoamer for epoxy resins, varnishes, cleaners.
    Foamstop SL100 Defoamers Silicone/emulsifier blend (100%), highly effective multipurpose defoamer.


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