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    Product description Additive TI and OF provide short-term dehydration and reduces the likelihood of moisture-related issues being present. Moisture-related issues include gloss reduction, haze formation, and foam generation. This moisture scavenger solution helps remove moisture from toners, fillers, solvents in PU coatings and improve the storage stability of diisocyanates against decomposition and discoloration.



    Dehydrating agent Physical Characteristics Timeliness Dosage Applications
    Additive OF Low viscosity transparent liquid, easy to use
    Non-toxic and does not produce gas
    Long-acting 0.5-1% - Additive OF is ideal for solvent-based 1k and 2k polyurethane coatings.
    - It can be used as a package stabilizer.
    - Additive OF can be added directly to the polyol or isocyanate component.
    Additive TI - Low viscosity transparent liquid, quick response
    - Will react with hydroxyl, alcohol, primary amine
    Fast-acting 12g can remove 1g of water - Additive TI dehydrates raw materials such as pigments, fillers, and solvents in 2k and moisture-cured 1k polyurethane coatings.
    - In 2k systems, water removal takes 24 hours.
    - Do not add Additive TI to the polyol component as it will react with hydroxyl groups, alcohols, and primary amines.


    Reaction mechanism

    Borchers Additive

    Dehydrating agent TI has an isocyanate group with high reactivity to -OH , so the reaction speed is fast


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