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Borchers® AF and Borchi® Gol series are high performance defoamers. They are made of modified polydimethylsiloxane and non-organic silicon, suitable for water-oil dual-use or solvent system. The advantage of those products is the elimination of foam during production, pumping, mixing,

Among them Borchi® Gol LA200 is a general-purpose defoaming agent, which is commonly used in water-oil systems.Borchi®Gol LA200 can prevent microbubbles from causing film defects by controlling the generation of microbubbles during the production process. Therefore, it can improve substrate wetting, anti-scratch and provide slip, and can also improve gloss and reduce haze after film formation.


Defoamers Ingredients Features Applicable System Applications

Gol LA200

Polyether modified


VOC free

Improves substrate wetting and scratch resistance

Destroys air bubbles formed in the film during application

Water and oil

Two-component PU

Two-component epoxy

Industrial Coatings

Decorative paints

Car refinish paints


Gol E2

No silicone resin Helps eliminate flow defects and craters caused by air entrapment

Suitable for degassing of thick coating system

Solvent type General



Gol 0011

Polysiloxane modified fatty acid ester Reduces pigment flooding while improving barrier properties of cured paint film

Can be used in epoxy systems together with Borchi® Gol E2

Promotes leveling and defoaming

Suitable for thick coating system

Solvent type Industrial flooring


Storage tanks


Gol 1470

No silicone resin Helps eliminate flow defects and craters caused by air entrapment

Can be used in solvent-free and solvent-based industrial coatings and sealants

Solvent type Non-polar paints

AF 1171

Hydrophobic particle modified polysiloxane Prevention of air bubbles during paint production Water and oil Industrial waterborne coatings

Decorative paints

Spray paints



Tributyl orthophosphate Effective foam breaking and foam suppression

Color paste and high filler content system to improve the wettability of the adhesive

Water and oil Grinding color pastes

Powder coatings



AF 1270

Fluorine modified organic


Quickly remove air bubbles on the surface of the paint films Solvent type Two-component PU

Solvent-based epoxies

UV systems

Unsaturated polyesters

Alkyd resin



The recommended dosage is 0.05-0.30% of the total weight of the formula. Can be added at any stage and is commonly found in premixes for solventborne systems.

Borchi Gol LA200

Borchi® Gol LA 200 quickly releases air introduced during mixing and application in epoxy systems


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