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DALPAD™C Coalescent

DALPADTM C is the slowest-evaporating member of the family of DOWANOL glycol ethers. DALPADTM C is a high boiling, colorless solvent with low viscosity and practically no odor. Due to its length and hydrophobic structure, DALPADTM C has a high organic solubility, low water solubility, and a high boiling point.
Its unique properties make it suitable for a number of water-borne resins where a powerful coalescent is needed for proper film formation. Its solvating characteristics combined with low water solubility ensure that DALPADTM C will almost completely partition into the resin phase, thus providing superior coalescence. The extremely low odor of DALPADTM C makes it suitable for indoor decorative paints.


Coalescent for water-borne architectural and industrial coatings.


  1. Excellent film forming ability
  2. High organic solubility
  3. Low Evaporation Rate
  4. Extremely Low Odor
  5. Low Water Solubility

Typical Properties

Molecular weight (g/mol) 248.4
Boiling point @ 760 mmHg, 1.01 bar 525.2°F 274C
Flash point (Setaflash closed cup) 259°F 126°C
Freezing point <-103°F <-75°C
Vapor pressure@ 20°C - extrapolated <0.01 mmHg
<0.01 mbar
Specific gravity (25/25°C) 0.930

@ 20°C
@ 25°C

7.76 lb/gal
7.76 lb/gal
0.930 g/cm³
0.927 g/cm³
Viscosity (cP or mPa•s @ 25°C) 7.0
Surface tension (dynes/cm or mN/m @ 25°C) 29.7
Specific heat (J/g/°C @ 25°C) 1.80
Heat of vaporization (J/g) at normal boiling point 2220
Auto-ignition temperature 529°F 186°C
Evaporation rate (n-butyl acetate = 1.0)
(diethyl ether = 1.0)
> 1200
Solubility, g/100 g @ 25°C
Solvent in water
Water in solvent
Defoamers 3 (2.5 wt%)
8.5 (8 wt%)
Hansen solubility parameters (J/cm³)1/2
_d (Dispersion)
_p (Polar)
_h (Hydrogen bonding)
Defoamers 14.8



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