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Eastman™ AP、Adhesion Promoters


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    Eastman™ AP、Adhesion Promoters


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    Eastman™ Chlorinated Polyolefins (CPOs) are widely used as adhesion promoters for coatings and inks on polyolefin plastics because conventional coatings do not adhere well to untreated polyethylene, polypropylene,or polypropylene/elastomer blends such as TPOs(thermoplastic olefin alloy).
    The successful use of Eastman CPO as a separate primer step depends on the proper combination of substrate,CPO type, film thickness, and coating system applied over the CPO film.
    CPO is usually spray-applied as a thin mist coat having up to 5 wt% solids and allowed to flash dry thoroughly prior to application of other primers or topcoats. Thick CPO films often result in poor adhesion properties. Blending or modifying resins can be used in combination with CPOs to alter overall adhesion properties of the system.


    Product properties of Chlorinated Polyolefins:

    Chlorinated Polyolefins is a product of polyolefin as the main raw material, which has been chemically grafted and modified.

    Solid content Solvents Carrier System Usage Color
    AP 550-1 25% Xylene PP Solvent base Primer
    Advantis™ 510W 24% Water PP+TPO Water-based Primer


    Recommended dilution solvent:
    different adhesion promoters have different polarity. Choose the appropriate dilution solvent can avoid appearing.

    The diluent can be used with toluene, xylene or other benzene solvents.

    If there have environmental protection demand methylcyclohexane(MCH):EAC (or MEK) = 1:1 is a good choose.


    Guidelines for using:
    CPO’s recommendation concentration is 5%. The recommendation coating thickness (after drying) is 0.1-0.2 mil (1mm=39.37mil).Coating too thick will reduce adhesion

    Weight (%)
    Eastman CP 730-1 (20% Solid content) 25.0 g
    Toluene 75.0 g
    Total 100.0 g


    The recommended additional is 8-10%

    Additive Weight (%)
    Eastman CP 730-1 (20% Solid content) 20.0 g
    Alkyd resin 22.9 g
    Toluene 57.1 g
    Total 100.0 g


    Other suggestion:
    Adhesion promoters is not omnipotent , so the surface treatment of the substrate is very important.
    Must clean substrate of all contamination (such as dirt, oil,grease, and mold release agents) and dry thoroughly after cleaning.


    Adhesion Promoters - Applications/Uses


    Brand Application field
    automobile Industrial Coatings Print Adhesive
    CP 730-1
    AP 550-1
    CP 343-1
    CP 164-1
    CP 343-3
    CP 515-2
    CP 153-2


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