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    Irgalite® is a classic toner pigment that can be used in printing inks, industrial, powder or decorative coatings, plastics, fibers and many other applications. Irgalite® is generally recommended for applications with moderate lightfastness and weatherfastness.

    Product Name Original Names International Color No. Product Description
    Irgalite® Green GFNP PG 7
    Irgalite® Orange D 2895 Irgalite® Orange P PO 13
    Irgalite® Orange D 2980 Irgalite® Orange F2G PO 34 Both water and oil systems can be used. High tinting strength, medium heat resistance and chemical resistance, slightly poor light resistance.
    Irgalite® Red D 3420 Irgalite® Red CBNL PR 53:1
    Irgalite® Red D 3707 Irgalite® Red RBS PR 23
    Irgalite® Red D 3760 Irgalite® Red FBLO
    Irgalite® Red D 3773 Irgalite® Red FBL PR 48:4
    Irgalite® Red D 3775 Irgalite® Red 2BXL PR 48:2
    Irgalite® Red D 3780 Irgalite® Red 2BY PR 48:3
    Irgalite® Red K 3693 SQ Irgalite® Red AK-7
    Irgalite® Red K 4060 FP Irgalite®  Red 2BSP PR 48:3
    Irgalite® Red L 3865 Irgalite® Red 3RS PR 112
    Irgalite® Rubine D 4230 Irgalite® Rubine L4BH PR 57:1
    Irgalite® Rubine D 4242 Irgalite® Rubine 4BL PR 57:1 Bluish red with high gloss.
    Irgalite® Rubine D 4280 Irgalite® Rubine 4BV PR 57:1
    Irgalite® Rubine K 4170 FP Irgalite® Rubine 2BP PR 48:2
    Irgalite® Rubine K 4270 FP Irgalite® Red 4BP PR 57:1 Bluish red, easy to disperse, excellent heat resistance, low color migration.
    Irgalite® Yellow BAT
    Irgalite® Yellow CTS granules High strength, transparent, yellow offset ink.
    Irgalite® Yellow D 1055 Irgalite® Yellow F4G PY 111 Greenish yellow, opaque, high strength, good fluidity.
    Irgalite® Yellow D 1111 Irgalite® Yellow AXL PY 14
    Irgalite® Yellow D 1115 Irgalite® Yellow BAW PY 13 Water-based ink, can be used for offset printing.
    Irgalite® Yellow D 1125 Irgalite® Yellow LCT PY 12
    Irgalite® Yellow D 1129 Irgalite® Yellow LBE PY 174
    Irgalite® Yellow D 1133 Irgalite® Yellow LBIW PY 13 Medium viscosity, high transparency, true yellow, good fluidity, high gloss and good light fastness.
    Irgalite® Yellow D 1245 Irgalite® Yellow GS PY 74 Reddish yellow, mainly indoor application
    Irgalite® Yellow D 1275 Irgalite® Yellow B3BO PY 83
    Irgalite® Yellow K 1320 Irgalite® Yellow BRMO PY 14
    Irgalite® Yellow K 1415 PY 13
    Irgalite® Yellow K 1740 Irgalite® Yellow B3RN PY 83
    Irgalite® Yellow L 1254 HD Sico® Yellow FR 1252 PY 74
    Irgalite® Yellow L 1257 Irgalite® Yellow GO PY 74 True yellow, high coverage, easy to disperse. Excellent light resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance, especially suitable for water-based architectural paints.
    Irgalite® Rubine K 4270 FP Irgalite® Red 4BP PR 57:1

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