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    Irgazin® is a range of high performance organic pigments, including diketopyrrole (DPP), isoindolinone (Isoindolinone) and other chemical ingredients, Irgazin® pigments provide high transparency and high tinting strength as well as excellent weather resistance, can meet customers' demand for high-performance pigments. Therefore, Irgazin® pigments are highly recommended for coatings such as automotive, industrial, powder and decorative, as well as for ink applications such as printing and inkjet. Due to the excellent transparency of Irgazin®, Irgazin® pigments can be combined with pearlescent powders or metallic pigments to create fantastic effects.

    Product Name Original Names International Color No. Product Description
    Irgazin®  Blue A3RN PB 60
    Irgazin® Flame Red K 3800 Cromophtal® DPP Flame Red FP PR 277
    Irgazin® Orange K 2890 Cromophtal® Orange 2G PO 61
    Irgazin® Orange K 2910 Cromophtal® DPP Orange TRP PO 71
    Irgazin® Orange L 2985 HD Irgazin® DPP Orange EH 1287 PO 73
    Irgazin® Orange L 2990 HD Irgazin® DPP Orange RA PO 73 Halogen-free, water-oil system can be used, good color saturation, high coverage. The product is lead-free.
    Irgazin® Orange L 3250 HD Irgazin® Orange 2037
    Irgazin® Red K 3840 Cromophtal® Red 2030 PR 254
    Irgazin® Red K 3840 LW Cromophtal® Red 2028 PR 254
    Irgazin® Red K 3840 SQ Cromophtal® Red 1030-P PR 254
    Irgazin® Red L 3551 HD Cromophtal® DPP Coral Red C PR 255 Yellow red pigment with medium opacity and good weather resistance; recommended for decorative and industrial paints.
    Irgazin® Red L 3630 Irgazin® DPP Red BTR PR 254 Transparent red, good color development, good weather resistance and chemical resistance.
    Irgazin® Red L 3660 HD Irgazin® DPP Red BO PR 254
    Irgazin® Red L 3671 HD Irgazin® Red 1030-C PR 254 True red with good coverage. Good color development, good weather resistance and chemical resistance.
    Irgazin® Red L 3680 HD Irgazin® Red 2029
    Irgazin® Red L 3837 HD Irgazin® Red CBO PR 254 True red, good opacity, high saturation and very good color fastness.
    Irgazin® Red L 4010 HD Irgazin® DPP Rd Ultra Opaque PR 264 High saturation, bluish red, excellent hiding power/durability, good rheology and thermal stability.
    Irgazin® Rubine K 4080 Cromophtal® Rubine TR PR 264 Transparent red pigment with outstanding color strength, excellent durability and saturation.
    Irgazin® Rubine L 4020 Irgazin® DPP Rubine TRI PR 264 Transparent, blue-shade red, excellent tinting strength, durability, very high saturation, improved flow for automotive and industrial coatings.
    Irgazin® Rubine L 4025 Irgazin® DPP Rubine TR PR 264 Halogen free transparent blue shade red.
    Irgazin® Rubine L 4030 Irgazin® DPP Rubine FTX PR 264 Good fluidity of yellow shade red.
    Irgazin® Scarlet L 3550 HD Irgazin® DPP Scarlet EK PR 255 Yellowish red, good hiding power and excellent color fastness, used in automotive, industrial coatings.
    Irgazin® Yellow D 1999 Cromophtal® Yellow 3RT PY 110 Reddish yellow, transparent, high gloss, high tinting and good outdoor performance.
    Irgazin® Yellow K 2060 Irgazin® Yellow 3RLTN PY 110 Not transparent, saturated red-yellow
    Irgazin® Yellow K 2060 FP Cromophtal® Yellow 3RLP PY 110 Reddish yellow, excellent dispersibility, heat resistance, weather resistance and color fastness. Suitable for polyolefin, PS and PVC.
    Irgazin® Yellow K 2060 SQ
    Irgazin® Yellow K 2070 Cromophtal® Yellow 2RLTS PY 110 Transparent yellowish red.
    Irgazin® Yellow K 2080 Cromophtal® Yellow 2RLP PY 110
    Irgazin® Yellow L 0800 Irgazin® Yellow 5GLT PY 129 Transparent, very greenish-yellow, especially suitable for metallic topcoats.
    Irgazin® Yellow L 0810 Irgazin® Yellow 5GT PY 129 Greenish hue leaning towards yellow.
    Irgazin® Yellow L 1030 Irgazin® Yellow 2GLTE PY 109
    Irgazin® Yellow L 2040 Irgazin® Yellow 2RLT PY 110 Transparent, can be used in both water and oil systems, reddish yellow.

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