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MP serires (15/25/35/45/60)


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    MP Resin 15/25/35/45/60 is widely used in industrial anti-corrosion paints、container&marine coatings、primer paints etc.

    MP15 MP25 MP35 MP45 MP60
    Appearance White powder
    Viscosity (20% dissolve in toluene) 12-19mpa.s 20-30mpa.s 30-40mpa.s 40-50mpa.s >50mpa.s
    Demsity 1.24g/cm3
    Soft point 46-50℃ 48-52℃ 48-52℃ 48-52℃ 48-54℃
    Chlorine content 44%
    Volatile (<%) 0.5%


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