Weston™ 705 & 705T

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Weston 705 & Weston 705T are multi-functional phosphite antioxidants, which are rare liquid products. Compared with solid products of the same type, they have better compatibility with various polymers, thereby exerting anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.

Weston™ 705 & 705T


  1. Nonylphenol
  2. Approval of various food contact regulations
  3. Reduce gel formation during processing


Basic PropertiesValues
AppearanceTransparent liquid
Phosphorus content5.2%
Active ingredient> 98%
Specific gravity at 25℃1.004 – 1.035
Acid value< 0.5


Water< 0.5Acetone100
Ethanol> 100Squalane< 0.5
Cyclohexane> 100
(g/100g solvent @ 20℃)

Thermogravimetric analysis

Weight Loss5%10%25%
Temperature ℃293310353
(10 mg @ 10℃/minute under N2)

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