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Eastman™ IBIB (Isobutyl Isobutyrate)


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Eastman™ IBIB (Isobutyl Isobutyrate) is an economical retarder solvent that is used in nitrocellulose lacquers, coatings for plastic substrates, and high-solids coatings. It is a slow-evaporating solvent with good flow and leveling characteristics, and good blush resistance. It is an economical, urethane grade, active solvent for nitrocellulose. The low surface tension of IBIB is valuable in applications where improved wetting of the substrate is needed. With low water miscibility, IBIB is an excellent retarder solvent for moisture-sensitive coatings such as 2-K polyurethanes. IBIB has high electrical resistance, which is helpful in adjusting the resistivity of coatings applied using electrostatic spray equipment.



Molecular WeightBoiling pointVolatilization rateaFlash pointSurface Tension
144.2 g/mole144-151°C0.4340°C2.32*10-2 N/M
a. (n-butyl acetate/butyl acetate = 1)


Automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, wood coatings, special coatings for transport vehicles.

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