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    If you're looking for a non-phthalate alternative, Eastman has a wide variety of non-phthalate plasticizers to serve different needs. Eastman Benzoflex™ plasticizer is a simple replacement for plasticizers such as BBP, DBP, DIHP and DIB.
    Eastman offers a diverse portfolio of non-phthalate, high-solvating plasticizers to help adhesive manufacturers meet performance and regulatory challenges.
    Our benzoate-based Benzoflex™ plasticizers have become the standard of excellence for the industry by providing the optimal balance of performance and value for water-based adhesives.
    Need a plasticizer to promote good paintability of your PVC sealer or coating? Eastman’s Benzoflex™1046 and Benzoflex™ 354 plasticizers have been proven to promote excellent paintability.


    Benzoflex™ plasticizer

    ※Has a lot of toxicological information, and complies with many regulatory approvals for environmental protection and toxicity, making this type of product suitable for a variety of uses, including sensitive applications, such as food contact materials.

    ※The excellent performance of Benzoflex™ plasticizer is a good choice for switching to a non-phthalate plasticizer. Benzoflex™ plasticizer is a derivative of benzoate, so it does not contain phthalate;

    ※Benzoflex™ plasticizer has been certified by REACH regulations, and depending on the product, some of them are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    ※Plasticizers commonly used in adhesive formulations, Benzoflex™ non-phthalate plasticizers have similar properties to phthalates. Pot time, set time, viscosity and tack can be improved, and glass transition temperature (Tg) can be lowered.


    The following is Benzoflex™ usable field:

    Application field Plasticizer
    Water-based adhesive Benzoflex™ LA-705
    Benzoflex™ 50
    Benzoflex™ 2088
    PVC plastisol Benzoflex™ 2088
    Benzoflex™ VP-953
    Benzoflex™ 354
    Benzoflex™ 1046
    Resilient floor Benzoflex™ RF-532
    Benzoflex™ 2088
    Benzolfex™ 50
    Benzolfex™ 9-88
    Caulk and sealant Benzolfex™ LC-531
    Benzolfex™ 50
    Benzolfex™ 2088
    Hot Melt Adhesive Benzoflex™ 352
    PU series products Benzoflex™ 9-88
    Benzoflex™ 9-88SG
    Benzoflex™ TPU-405
    Vinyl ink Benzoflex™ 354
    PMMA pressure sensitive adhesive Benzolfex™ 2088
    Floor or wall covering Benzolfex™ 6000


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