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Hexamoll® DINCH®


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Hexamoll® DINCH®

DINCH = Di-Iso Nonyl CycloHexane dicarboxylate


Hexamoll® DINCH® is an innovative new safe plasticizer for PVC or other polar polymers. Hexamoll ® DINCH ® is a non-phthalate plasticizer with a wide range of uses, especially in products or applications that come into contact with the human body. It is recommended for applications such as medical products, toys, and food packaging.

Hexamoll® DINCH is a colorless, clear and practically anhydrous liquid with a hardly noticeable odor. It is soluble in the usual organic solvents and is miscible and compatible with all of the monomeric plasticizers commonly used in PVC. Hexamoll® DINCH is almost insoluble in water. Hexamoll® DINCH® has improved low temperature performance compared to DOP or DINP. It provides lower initial viscosity and better viscosity stability in applications.

Hexamoll® DINCH®

Molecular formula: C26H48O4

CAS number: 166412-78-8 (Europe and Asia), 474919-59-0 (USA)



Properties Values Units Test Methods
 Dynamic Viscosity @20 °C  44-60  mPa.s  DIN51562/D445
 Density @20°C  0.944-0.945  g/cm2  DIN 51757/D4052
 Molecular Weight  424.7  g/mole
 Boiling point @7 mbar  240-250  °C
 Flow point  -54  °C
 Platinum cobalt colorimetric  Max 40  DIN EN ISO 6271-2/D 5386
 Acid content  Max 0.07  DIN EN ISO 2114/ D 1045
 Ester content  Min 99.5  % according to area  Gas chromatograph
 Water content  Max 0.1  % weight  DIN 51777, Part 1/ E203
 Phthalate content  Max 0.01  %  UV-BASF
 Metal content
 Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Tin  Up to 1 each  ppm  ICP-MS
 Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Selenium  Up to 1 each  ppm  ICP-MS
 Cadmium  Max 0.6  ppm  ICP-MS



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