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PLASTO PU Transfer Blanket

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    Polyurethane Transfer Blanket (Offset Printing Blanket)
    Porvair's unique compressible composite polyurethane (PU) transfer blanket. PLASTO PU transfer blankets can be used in the packaging industry, whether for letterpress or flexographic printing on rigid substrates or pre-formed plastic containers. Thanks to Porvair's unique characteristics - high porosity and compressibility, the surface does not deform during printing, resulting in exceptionally clear prints.



    Product Information

    Composition Aromatic Polyester Type Polyurethane
    Structure Compressible Foam
    Shore Hardness 60-65
    Density (g/cm²) 0.47-0.54
    Smooth, White Surface; Dark Gray Backing
    Thickness 1.90 mm
    Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.02 mm (within the same roll)
    Thickness Deviation +/- 0.05 mm (per batch)
    Roll Width and Length 1.90 mm – 1150 mm x 25 meters



    It is not recommended to use acetone for cleaning. We recommend using isopropyl alcohol (IPA). A suggested mixture is 45% IPA, 45% ethyl acetate, and 10% white spirit or industrial denatured alcohol, petroleum ether, or petroleum naphtha for cleaning.


    Product Advantages

    ※ Polyurethane Material: Highly wear-resistant, long lifespan
    ※ Compressibility: Adaptable to varying wall thickness, high printing precision, excellent ink transfer
    ※ UV and IR Ink Curing Resistance
    ※ White Surface: Easy alignment and significantly reduced setup time
    ※ Non-directional: Can be cut in any direction, minimizing waste from cutting
    ※ Good Antistatic Performance: Easier to clean compared to traditional rubber transfer blankets



    ※ Suitable for various substrates, such as PP, PS, EPS, HIPS, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, and other plastic products.
    ※ Can be used to print on rigid plastic containers with curvature, such as stadium cups, yogurt cups, paint cans, noodle bowls, or butter containers.


    Printing Equipment

    ※ Suitable for use with various machine equipment, including Van Dam, Polytype, Kase, Desco, Moss, Omso, Kohoku Seiko, and Tsung Sheng Machinery.


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