Sudanyl™ Series

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  1. Sudanyl is a range of aqueous, binder free color concentrates, especially recommended for water-based decorative paints
  2. APEO Free
  3. High pigment content and excellent pigment dispersion
  4. Broad compatibility - tested in a variety of primers
  5. Excellent storage stability
  6. No settling, no separation, no viscosity rise, low foaming
  7. 30kg/drum

Sudanyl™ (suitable for interior, water-based decorative paints)

GradeInternational Color No.Weather ResistanceLightfastness
Yellow 3801PY7447
Yellow 3816PY15458
Yellow oxide3890PY4258
Red 3831PR11247
Red oxide 3894PR10158
Blue 3871PB15:358
Black 3898PB758
Green 3887PG758


Sudanyl™ Series
Sudanyl™ Series

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